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DarkZero beats Astralis and wins Six Major Charlotte 2022

North American team wins first international title and award prize of 200 thousand dollars

The title of the Six Major Charlotte was won in the United States, with the conquest of DarkZero Esports. In the North American final, DZ beat Astralis 3-2 and won the title of the first Six Major of the year, along with a prize of US$ 200 thousand (approximately 1 million reais at current prices). O time counted on the experience of two of the most successful athletes in the modality, Troy “Canadian”, to beat the top in world competition.

The North American team demonstrated from the beginning of the Six Major Charlotte that it was a strong candidate to qualify as a trophy. A DZ was the leader in the group phase and some of the Brazilian opponents, eliminating three times from the country: W7M Esports in the first phase, Team oNe in the quarterfinals and Team Liquid in the semifinal.

Astralis also survived in the group stage and advanced to the first position, without great difficulties. In the elimination phase, left behind North Americans XSET and Oxygen Esports to reach the organization's first world-level final.

In the big decision, highlight for Roberto “Panbazou”, DarkZero athlete who received the MVP award - most valuable player - of the competition. The highest number of non-championship eliminations, totaling 175. Luccas “Paluh”, from Team Liquid, received the EVP award - intended for other highlights of the tournament.

The unpublished title consolidates DarkZero as one of the best teams in the world today, with more than two US$200 thousand. In the second placement, Astralis received US$ 80 thousand (about R$ 385 thousand).

The public followed all the games of the Six Major Cahrlotte 2022 in Portuguese on the official channels of Rainbow Six Esports Brazil.

Confirm how I went to the big final of the Six Major Charlotte 2022:

DarkZero breaks taboo and wins international title (Sunday, 05/22)


Confirm how I went to the big final of the Six Major Charlotte 2022:

DarkZero breaks taboo and wins international title (Sunday, 05/22)

Leaders in their groups and with great performances in the elimination phases, DarkZero and Astralis are confident for the big decision of the Six Major Charlotte 2022 on Sunday (22).

The duel 100% made up of teams from the United States in only North American came on the Mansão map, with a strong balance that evidenced the reasons that made both of them go to the Grand Final. Astralis came out as the winner of this first match, with victory in the extension by 8 to 7. A duel of throwing or folego for any fan of Rainbow Six Siege.

More or balance seen in the first map passed over time to be repeated in the second. Without letting Astralis dominate or play, DZ opened four points in a row without club, managed or tackled and won by 7 to 3.

With 1 to 1 in the series, the attention will turn to the third stage of disputes of the day: Fronteira. At the first goal of the game, it continued with various exchanges of rounds. On the flip side, DarkZero managed to open up an advantage against Astralis and beat the map at 7 to 4.

Assim, DZ needed just one more win to win as a title. Therefore, on the fourth box of the day, Oregon, Astralis returned to dominate the match actions with strong recovery power. The team returned or tackled the previous map, applying a 7 to 4 directly to a sensational game by Dave “Iconic” that guaranteed the map point for the time.

Dessa forma, a decisão ficou for the fifth and last map of the series: Bank. DarkZero defeated the first four rounds of attack and was soon to achieve an unprecedented conquest for the organization. Astralis had outlined a reaction with three rounds in sequence, but was not able to defeat the defense of DZ, who won the map by 7 to 3 and guaranteed an unpublished title.

Brazilian teams ficaram next to the title


Four teams that have Brazilians in their line-up made it to the playoffs of the competition. Team oNe (LATAM), XSET (NA) and G2 Esports (EU) will fall in the quarterfinals. Team Liquid (LATAM), two favorites for the title, ended up eliminated in the semi-finals in a duel against DarkZero. Among the players with the highest scores in the competition, two Brazilian players stood out: Luccas “Paluh” (TL) and Lucas “Dias” (XSET).

Awards and non-global ranking points for each participant of the Six Major Charlotte 2022, according to the final placement:

1st (DarkZero: US$ 200,000 (R$ 984,000.00) + 375 points not global ranking

2nd (Astralis): US$ 80 thousand (R$ 393,600.00) + 300 points not global ranking

3rd and 4th (Team Liquid and Oxygen Esports): US$ 40 thousand (R$ 196,000.00) + 230 points not global ranking

5th to 8th (G2 Esports, Team oNe, XSET and Team BDS): US$ 20 thousand (R$ 98,400.00) + 165 points not global ranking

9th to 12th (Dire Wolves, FURIA Esports, W7M Esports and Wolves Esports): US$ 10 thousand (R$ 49,200.00) + 105 points not global ranking

13th or 16th (Elevate, Cyclops Athlete Gaming, Heroic and Chiefs Esports Club): US$ 5 thousand (R$ 24,600.00) + 50 non-global ranking points

Total: US$ 500 thousand (R$ 2,460,000.00)

*Approximate values ​​and calculated according to the current dollar rate of R$ 4.92.

Results of the games of the final phase of the Six Major Charlotte 2022:

Sixth-Feira, 05/20 (Brasília time):

11 a.m. - Quarterfinals 1 - Team Liquid 2x0 G2 Esports

2pm - Quarterfinals 2 - DarkZero 2x1 Team oNe

5pm - Quarterfinals 3 - Astralis 2x1 XSET

20h - Quarterfinals 4 - Oxygen Esports 2x0 Team BDS

Saturday, 05/21 (Brasília time):

13h - Team Liquid 1x2 DarkZero

17h - Astralis 2v0 Oxygen Esports

Sunday, 05/22 (Brasília time):

15h - DarkZero 3x2 Astralis