With world champions and women's team, Rainbow Six Siege Brazil Cup starts this Tuesday

Initial edition of 2022 will feature teams that will not play Copa Elite Six of America, best placed in League Six and champion of the first stage of the Women's Circuit 2022

The first edition of the 2022 Copa do Brasil will start this Tuesday (19) and will feature the six teams that compete in the Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege Championship and did not qualify for the America's Elite Six Cup. In addition to the R6 national elite teams, the nine best placed teams from the first stage of the Six League and the champion of the Women's Circuit, new this season, participate in the championship. In total, there will be 16 participants.

This edition will feature two Brazilian teams that won international titles in 2021: Ninjas in Pajamas - Six Invitational - and FaZe Clan - Six Major Sweden. Another attraction will be the unprecedented participation of the current champion of the Women's Circuit, B.Asqueras, who beat 4Dreams Sports 2-1 in the final and guaranteed a place in the competition.

As in last year's editions, the tournament will distribute BRL 100,000 in prize money, divided between 1st and 8th place. The dispute follows the single elimination system, that is, the winner of the duel advances and the loser is eliminated directly, without repechage. Until the semifinals, all matches will be decided in MD3 (best of three maps). In the grand final, the clash takes place in MD5 format.

The teams ranked through the first round of BR6 2022 are: Black Dragons, FaZe Clan, MIBR, INTZ, 00 Nation and Ninjas in Pajamas. For the first stage of the Six League will be present: SuperNova Esports, Team oNe Academy, SG e-Sports, Escolinha do Bubu, Tier 2 Widows, CHICOS Team, Turminha do Siri, Nanudinhos and Dromedalho. B.Asqueras closes the list of participants of the Copa do Brasil.

The definition of clashes also followed the formula of the previous edition, according to the final positions of each team in their respective competitions. Black Dragons, which ended the first round with the best campaign in the Brasileirão among the teams that did not qualify for the Copa Elite Six of America, will face SuperNova Esports in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, which finished in 9th place in the League. Six.

This will be the first of the three scheduled editions of the Copa do Brasil in 2022. Played after the end of each round of the Rainbow Six Siege Brasileirão, the competition starts this Tuesday (19), at 6 pm, and ends on the 8th. of May, with the decision of the great champion.

The round of 16 will take place on the first two days of the competition, with four matches per day: two at 6pm and another two at 9pm. As they will be held simultaneously, part of the matches of this phase will be broadcast on the main channels of Rainbow Six Esports Brasil on Twitch and [YouTube](https://www.youtube .com/r6esportsbr), and others will be broadcast on the secondary channel on Twitch. From the quarter-finals onwards, the public will be able to follow all the games on the main channels.

Check the keying below:\


Total prizes for the first edition of the Rainbow Six Siege 2022 Copa do Brasil:\


1st place: R$ 40,000 (US$ 7,407)

2nd place: R$ 20,000 (US$ 3,704)

4th and 5th place: R$10,000 (US$1,852)

From 5th to 8th: R$ 5,000 (US$ 926)

From 9th to 16th: They do not receive awards.

Total: BRL 100 thousand

*Approximate values ​​and calculated in the Brazilian Real to US Dollar exchange rate of R$ 4.66.

Check the schedule of matches for the first edition of the Copa do Brasil de R6 2022 below:\

19/04/2022 - Round of 16 (MD3)

6pm - Black Dragons x SuperNova Team (Broadcast: main channels)

6pm - Bubu School x Tier 2 Widows (Broadcast: secondary channel)

9pm - INTZ x Chicos Team (Broadcast: main channels)

21h - 00 Nation x Team oNe Academy (Broadcast: secondary channel)

20/04/2022 - Round of 16 (MD3)

6pm - FaZe Clan x Turminha do Siri (Broadcast: main channels)

6pm - B.Asqueras x SG e-Sports (Broadcast: secondary channel)

9pm - MIBR x Nanudinhos (Broadcast: main channels)

9pm - Ninjas in Pajamas x Dromedalho (Broadcast: secondary channel)

05/03/2022 - Quarterfinals (MD3)

6pm - (Broadcast: main channels)

9pm - (Broadcast: main channels)

04/05/2022 - Quarterfinals (MD3)

6pm - (Broadcast: main channels)

9pm - (Broadcast: main channels)

05/07/2022 - Semifinals (MD3)

1pm - (Broadcast: main channels)

4pm - (Broadcast: main channels)

05/08/2022 - Grand Final (MD5)

1pm - (Broadcast: main channels)